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P.S. 123Q's Mission
P.S. 123Q's Vision


Our mission is to maintain a school culture that enables students to achieve high standards, both academically and socially, while promoting cultural awareness. We will provide students with challenging educational experiences using Science, Technology, Arts, Math, Engineering, Music, and Athletics.  These engaging experiences will prepare students for college and career readiness skills for the 21st Century.

145-01 119th Avenue

Jamaica NY, 11436  

Tel: 718-529-4300

Fax: 718-529-4290    


Principal: Anthony M. Hooks 

  email: AHooks@schools.nyc.gov

Assistant Principal: James Bart

  email: JBart3@schools.nyc.gov

Our vision is for students to reach their full intellectual and creative potential through rigorous activities that will enable them to become college and career ready productive members of a diverse and technological society.