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Our mission is to maintain a school culture that enables students to achieve high standards, both academically and socially, while promoting cultural awareness. 
STEM at P.S. 123Q

More About Our Mission

We will provide students with challenging educational experiences using Science, Technology, Arts, Math, Engineering, Music, and Athletics.  
STEM at P.S. 123Q

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These engaging experiences will prepare students for college and career readiness skills for the 21st Century.
STEM at P.S. 123Q

Making a Difference by Serving All
Students with a Passion to Succeed

  • 93% Attendance Rate
  • 1:1 Device to Student ratio
  • 26 Average Class Size
  • 50% of Students Attend After School & Saturday School
  • Principal’s Message

    We understand just how challenging the past 18 months of the pandemic have been for you as parents, families, and caregivers.
    We are in awe of the work you have done, and continue to do each and every day, to support your child(ren) and we thank you for your continued partnership with us.
    Our work together is more important than ever as we strive to ensure your child thrives this school year and beyond. To further support you, our teachers, counselors, and social workers as champions of your child(ren)’s academic and social, and emotional needs, are excited to let you know about a wonderful opportunity in our school this year!
    Anthony M. Hooks
    P.S. 123Q STEMA School 
    "Making a Difference by Serving All Students with a Passion to Succeed."

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